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If German authorities (e.g. youth welfare offices) intend to place a child in a home or a foster family in another EU country, they require the prior consent of the competent authorities of the state in which the child is to be placed.
National law may provide formal or substantive requirements for the approval of accommodation or require that requests for consent be made through the central authority of the country concerned.
If this is not the case, corresponding applications can also be sent directly to the responsible foreign body. If this is not known, the request can be sent to the Federal Office of Justice as the German central authority, which will forward it abroad.
Approval for the accommodation is usually only given if reports, certificates and reports are submitted to the foreign body, from which the reasons for the intended accommodation and the assumption of costs are regulated. This means that sufficient and meaningful documents must be available so that a decision about the stay can be made.
The implementation of these consultation procedures requires the cooperation of the participating foreign and domestic authorities and specialist agencies. Due to the case and country-specific differences in the procedures, we felt it was necessary to develop uniform criteria for the consultation process.
Our experience to date has shown that there is often a lack of adequate communication between the authorities and agencies involved with regard to the respective procedural steps involved in accommodating a child. That is why we have developed a quick and uncomplicated procedure to make processing easier and to offer the involved parties a working aid. Uncertainties and consequential problems can thus be largely excluded.
We will help you with all matters relating to the consultation process and will be happy to help you with the application.

A consultation process between the authorized authorities must be carried out before the admission of a child or young person based on international agreements. If a child is already in an EU country without the accommodating German office having carried out the necessary consultation and approval procedure in that country, this must generally be done immediately.

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