A constant review of the quality of our work ensures that we meet changing needs and requirements and remain lively and flexible as a learning organization.

Our work includes: ➜ Regular supervision, ➜ Regular documentation and development reports, ➜ Personnel development and the like. Appraisal interviews, ➜ Thorough training of new employees, ➜ Networking, ➜ Further training.

The quality of our pedagogical work is particularly secured and developed by the following building blocks:


We motivate and promote troubled young people, with the aim of reintegrating into our society, accompanying them in their independence and encouraging them to realize their potential.

We want to convey hope and encourage people to take responsibility for their lives, we respect each other and strengthen each other.

We also encourage lateral thinking and offer alternatives.

The children / young people entrusted to us are perceived by us as an independent personality and respected and accompanied as such.

Existing self-energies are activated to enable an expansion of social competence.


Family and parent work is an important part of our work, both through information and participation as well as through biography work and resource activation in the family environment. The aim of our family work is to create sustainable relationships between family, children and caregivers and to find the most competitive and trusting cooperation possible.
We treat the families with respect and develop sustainable structures together. In order to facilitate family members' access to the special features of children and adolescents, we work transparently and help to develop an understanding of the emotions of the adolescent and the behavior shown.


We attach great importance to building a stable and sustainable relationship. We achieve this by professionally dealing with appropriate proximity and distance and accompany this balancing act through regular team supervision.
The educational specialists respect the young person as an independent personality with an individual history of origin.
All employees support the children / adolescents in developing self-understanding, body and sensory perception, regulating their emotions and self-regulation through knowledge and practice. We focus on the previous resilience factors as an important resource for individual target development.
Our cooperation and the way we deal with the people we accompany are characterized by mutual appreciation, trust and respect.
Trauma-sensitive training of new employees is important to us.


Pedagogical crises are mainly extremely violating, uncooperative, aggressive or otherwise dissocial behavior.

Simple crises can be coped with through a reflective one-on-one interview or by being temporarily removed from the group.

In the case of psychiatrically relevant crisis situations and when there are also self-or third-party aspects, we use professionally qualified help.

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