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Dimitrios Panagopoulos
Dimitrios PanagopoulosShareholder

General Manager
Businessman and Entrepreneur with more than 35 years experience

Nikolaos Vasilakis
Nikolaos VasilakisShareholder

Finance and Controlling
Languages Greek, German, English, Bulgarian

Anastasios Trevlas
Anastasios TrevlasContact Office Germany
Spiros Kokkalis
Spiros KokkalisAccountancy
When it comes to children and life, we give young people the resources they need to support them on their way to responsible and self-confident adolescents.

We have a number of programs and initiatives that encourage young people to develop the skills they will use throughout their lives.

Supported by educators and trained staff, children and young people get a chance for a fresh start here. We attach great importance to building a stable and sustainable relationship. We achieve this by professionally dealing with appropriate proximity and distance and accompany this balancing act through regular team supervision. The educational specialists respect the young person as an independent personality with an individual history of origin.

All employees support the children / adolescents in developing self-understanding, body and sensory perception, regulating their emotions and self-regulation through knowledge and practice. We focus on the previous resilience factors as an important resource for individual target development. Our cooperation and the way we deal with the people we accompany are characterized by mutual appreciation, trust and respect.

2, Kipselis - 11361 Athens | Greece

  • Email: info@paidikaizoi.gr
  • Phone: +30.2108226008
  • Mob: +30.6949808040

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